lunedì 29 aprile 2013

Tom Rowlands - Through Me/Nothing But Pleasure

Dopo Daft e Basement, eccoci ai Chemical, suppur al 50%.
Ma se a Tom Rowlands accoppiamo Erol Alkan, che dell'etichetta Phantasy è il boss, non ci sono dubbi sulla buona riuscita del disco.

Vinile con due lati: sul primo ‘Through Me’, sul secondo ‘Nothing But Pleasure’, tutta roba da ballare.

Riporto anche le dichiarazioni di Tom Rowlands: "These are tracks that were made to DJ with. I gave them to Erol to road test; he loved them so it seemed a perfect fit for Phantasy – I love what he does with the label. The Chemical Brothers haven’t any plans to release new music this year – we’re soon to start work on a new record – so this 12” seemed an exciting way to get music into clubs now."

Replica Erol Alkan: "Every time I played the tracks out people were desperate to find out what they were. Both have been highlights in my Dj sets for the last few months."

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