giovedì 11 agosto 2011

New Justice album is ready

After the spring single 'Civilization' Justice are now ready to present us the new studio work.
We have a title 'Audio, Video, Disco', a release date october 25th and a tracklist:

01. Horsepower
02. Civilization
03. Ohio
04. Canon (Primo)
05. Canon
06. On'n'on
07. Brianvision
08. Parade
09. Newlands
10. Helix
11. Audio, Video, Disco

The french guys said that the new LP contains a lot of 70s prog and rock ‘n roll inspirations: “We were listening to a lot of British rock like Led Zeppelin.”

The album features Ali Love co-writer of ‘Civilization’, Morgan Phalen from Diamond Nights and Vincenzi Vendetta from Midnight Juggernauts.

Finally we have a preview of Helix

via Pitchfork
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